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Doll Talk's Miniatures by Stacey Torres

Tess' Hideaway


TESS is made from Super Sculpey. She was fully jointed until she got stuck in her new lifestyle. Oh, well ...

Tess is a former resident of The Brookfield Dollhouse. She and her ex-fiance, Mr. Buster were both evicted due to their incessant fighting and bickering during the prenuptial planning; so the wedding is history! Tess has taken to drinking wine and eating cheese in the woods behind The Brookfield, where she now lives.

The Hideaway is created in an oval shaped cardboard box resting in its lid. It was already printed in a fern pattern. This was one of my first attempts at landscaping. Well, I used the scraps left over from The Brookfield; mostly silk and dried flowers from craft stores. In the background is a Kincaid-like print of a cottage that I cut out. Tess sits on actual rocks I stole from my own garden, and her feet splash in what was originally a sparkling brook of clear caulk - it has since (very rapidly) turned cloudy, and she appears to be stuck there for life. Hopefully, she has enough wine to hold her over until Mr. Buster comes to his senses. (He is holding up in a 2-room bachelor pad inside of The Gumdrop Dollhouse with the rest of the wine and Tess' cash - photos to follow, as soon as he lets me in to take pictures and inventory.)

The following 2 pictures are of a simple little cabinet (12" tall) that I got from Big Lots for pennies! All I had to do was add wallpaper (scrapbook paper), and the Bedroom and Kitchen from the Avon Victorian Memories (resin furniture collection). There's been lots of discussion of the scale - I really don't know for sure; all I know, and care, is that it fits perfectly into this little cabinet that hangs on the wall!