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Miniature Dolls by Stacey T
Doll Talk's Miniatures by Stacey Torres

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1" and 1/2" Scale One-of-a-Kind Dolls Sculpted in Polymer Clay

All dolls are hand sculpted when the spirit moves me (not that often folks). I have built my business (Doll Talk) on a line of original 21 and 22 inch boudoir dolls. See my Links page for the original Doll Talk retail website. Miniature dolls are a whole new medium for me. However, these little folks are so wonderful, they just take one such magical, personal lives all their own. As I see fit, I will frequently add some of these little divas and dudes to this site for your perusal. Some of them are strictly my own personal collection, and some are available for adoption. You may e-mail me privately for information regarding these mini dolls. Thank you all for support, and enjoy your visit through my site.