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Doll Talk's Miniatures by Stacey Torres
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1/4" Minis

Quarter Scale Miniauture Projects.  Never thought I'd get hooked on these!

Lounge, Bath and Bedroom

Lounge and Kitchen

1128 Lakeshore Drive

(Michigan City, Indiana Dunelands)

1/4" Townhouse

One of my many dream retirement homes. Of course, my retirement won't include stairs, so there are none here. I am honored to have won Second Place in the Small Scale Division at the Museum of Miniature Houses Miniature Show 2002 for this treasure of mine.  The many credits to other artisans are listed below. The house is made from a pine boat-shaped cabinet in Flexstone.

I made the kitchen table and upper cabinets; upholstered chairs started as the cheap plastic kind. Floor, ceiling, bricks and wallpaper are printables. The built-in "conservatory" is actually the top of a plastic jewelry box. Kitchen set is painted resin. The light fixture is a berry bead. Plant hangers are jewelry findings. The coffee pot/mixer (depends on how you look at it), is Sculpey and a bead; canisters, vases are beads. Microwave is a printable with many coats of liquid porcelain and Dimension.

In the lounge/parlor I made the burgundy velvet sofa, chair and ottoman from foamcore and a ponytail scrunchy (cheap way to get fabric); tables are beads; cushions made from embroidered ribbon; chandelier, wine sets, punch bowl, floor lamp, and mantle decorations are all beads and findings; fireplace is stained resin; chaise lounge is foamcore and ribbon; floor plants sit in brass beads; marble floor covering is resume paper; walls are embossed ribbon (ceiling is too); magazines throughout house are printables.

The bath is marbled with resume paper; fixtures are from plastic set; floor is a printable. Shower stall is a plastic box; medicine cabinet/mirror, an earring. Ceiling fixture is a bead.

Bedroom walls are moiré ribbons; ceiling is paper ribbon. The bed, dressing table and chair are Sculpey (bed and chair upholstered with silk ribbon, as are doorframe and window treatments); corner dresser is resin; pictures on wall from home decorating catalog; ceiling fixture is an earring; table lamp from beads.

Pool table is resin w/beads for legs; chair and side table. Bar is bashed dry sink from cheap plastic set w/added mirror and trim; desk is oak w/printable books. Table lamp is two beads. Bookcases are printables; floor lamp made from earrings and findings.

The "fires" in both fireplaces are amber colored tri-beads and GOW bulbs.


Resin kitchen set (kit); Resin Fireplace (2nd floor); Resin bedroom dresser and nightstand; Green leather (resin) chair; end table; pool table (bashed); metal pots (painted copper)  - Suzanne & Andrew's Miniatures

Most plants and flowers in kitchen; Buffet (2nd floor) - Susan Karatjas (sdk miniatures)

Printables - Jim's Printables and Hope's Printables

All carpets and tapestries - Terry Foster, Applied Graphics Images

Dinnerware - Bonnie Soucek


Rainforest Townhome

Jungle Fever 1/4" Rainforest Townhouse

This house is made in a 3-drawer mahogany jewelry box, with drawers removed. I made everything in it except for the fabulous oak kitchen by Luci Hanson. I added "counters" of green granite silk ribbon. Kitchen light fixture is the top of a small wicker basket with a GOW bulb; the papisan chair is the bottom half of the same basket. Wall covering is silk rainforest print ribbon. The doll enjoying a hot cup of java is my first attempt at sculpting in 1/4". Her polka-dot dress is also ribbon. The bed is made of cardboard, animal print felt and cotton trimmed w/gold cord. The headboard is real snakeskin. Carpeting in bedroom is animal print felt; the walls are caramel colored cotton. The Egyptian wall hanging is a bronze pendant. The dresser and entertainment center are blocks of wood painted black with gold leaf (the Lion King is playing on the TV). Bedside lamps are berry and brass beads. The bathroom walls are blue printed silk. I carved the tiered whirlpool tub, sink and toilet from blue and white (marbleized) Sculpey. Plastic aquarium plants were cut to scale. The étagère is blue plastic canvas, towels are silk.


1/4" Garden Pergola

This was a roundtable workshop this past weekend (3/15/02) at the Indianapolis Show taught by George and Donna Koppelman (Donna's Dollhouses). It was so much fun doing it. The "wicker" furniture is made from buckram.

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The Ridgewood 1/4" House

My very first 1/4" project. I added the room dividers, stuccoed the outside. The living room furniture, kitchen appliances and furniture are all Sculpey. The bedroom and bath the plastic kind - you know the ones - The little "wicker" chair on the porch is Fimo.  Carpets are photos from a quilt catalog, coated with tissues and glue.