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Doll Talk's Miniatures by Stacey Torres


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A.J.'s Bar

1" Scale Room Box

... Where Most Everybody Knows Your Name ...

A.J.'s Bar

My Christmas gift to my husband 2001 - I'm still working on this 1" roombox. The wine, liquor and cocktails are by Pannikins, of course! The two porcelain dolls are by Pat Saunders (Elegant Dolls by Pat) - she's also making me a bartender (A.J.), but I wigged (human hair) and dressed them. Austin Powers and Edward Scissorhands are action figures who just dropped by looking for some action, I guess. The bar was a counter I got from Cindy McDaniel, and the shelves are three bashed Michael's hutches. The mahogany wine rack is by Bespaq. I made the bear table from a Christmas ornament.